The Atrium, Tower House, Douglas


Whilst visiting family on the Isle of Man, we decided to go for a coffee and my father-in-law brought us here. The Tower House is a large building consisting of offices, a nail bar (which smells quite strong when you first walk in) and The Atrium Cafe. Access into the building is easy and there are ramps to every part of the cafe. The space is huge and we could have sat at any of the tables and there’d be room for the pram and a highchair. This would be a great place to meet if there are lots of mummies and daddies and children as there is so much space. Isle of Man Sling Meet takes place here and I can see why! I saw three plastic highchairs (they looked like Ikea ones but without a tray) but would have expected to see more for somewhere so popular with parents and children. 

We chose to sit on the sofas which were next to a little cordoned off area for babies – hard to describe but picture below. It was fantastic as Millie had a safe space to play and we were right next to her so could keep a close eye on her whilst still enjoying a really nice cup of coffee.


As well as this little area for babies, there is also a small soft play area with a range of toys, a play house, tunnel, play kitchen and three coin operated ride-on toys. There were several toys in there which Millie enjoyed playing with such as the walker and activity table (which had run out of batteries). Unlike other soft play areas, it was pretty impossible to see the children from the tables due to the wall around the area and the fact it was up a couple of steps. As you can’t see the children, one of the rules is that adults must supervise their children. Unfortunately, the parents to the 6 children in there weren’t too worried about this rule and I was the only parent in there so ended up tending to one of the little girls when she hurt herself and trying to protect Millie whilst four of the children climbed all over the coin-operated toys (another rule which was ignored!). It was a little manic to say the least so I soon took Millie out of there and back to the much calmer area by the sofas.

They’ve got a selection of books, newspapers and magazines here which is always a nice touch for a cafe. One of the staff even came over and offered my father-in-law that day’s paper when he saw he was reading the one from the previous day. This same waiter was very helpful when I asked for some cold water to cool down Millie’s bottle. Not only did he give me some cold water in a mug but he gave me an extra jug of cold water in case the original water got too warm and I needed to change it. 


The changing facilities are on the second floor which is a bit of a pain but there is a lift. There’s a drop down changing table with a safety strap and the room is just about big enough for the pram but you can always leave it outside the toilet. Unfortunately, it was a little pungent the day we were here but perhaps this was a one off.

The easy access, space and the friendly staff make this a great choice of cafe especially for larger groups. We didn’t have any food here but the menu consisted of sandwiches, toasties, jacket potatoes etc and was very reasonably priced. 

PS. If you haven’t visited the Isle of Man, you must! It’s a fantastic place for a holiday with lots of family-friendly things to do. 


Ease of access 
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Good2B2528small2529 8
Changing facilities
Average2B2528small2529 8
Friendliness of staff
Very2BGood2B2528small2529 6
Food & drink
Good2B2528small2529 8
Good2B2528small2529 8

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