Gretton Recreation Ground

Despite a lot of rain the night before, Millie and I headed for Gretton Recreation Ground – head to Kirby Road NN17 3DB and you’ll see a signpost next to the Primary school for ‘Recreation Ground’. This will lead you to the park and a free car park.
The park is fantastic with lots of things for children of all ages to do. It isn’t gated but there’s no immediate danger so you’ll have time to chase after a toddler if needs be! The pictures below show the equipment available at the park. Millie and I particularly enjoyed the zip wire and all of the spring rockers.
IMG 7017
IMG 7015
IMG 7039
IMG 7037
IMG 7028
IMG 7027
IMG 7025
IMG 7024
IMG 7022
IMG 7021
IMG 7020
IMG 7018

The recreation ground also has a multi-use games area, large grassy areas, benches and a BMX track.

The map below shows the playground (in red), footpaths to the park (in green) and available parking (in blue).
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