The Bowling Green’s Secret Playground, Castletown

I loved finding this secret playground in Castletown. It can be found by entering the door next to the tennis courts. Millie really enjoyed the slides and the spring rockers and I liked that it was quiet and completely enclosed. There are two of the Balley Cashtal Beg fairy doors hidden somewhere in the playground (they aren’t the easiest to find!). You can read more about the fairy door trail by clicking here.

IMG 9516
IMG 9518

The Bowling Green Cafe can be found nearby and I hope to visit it soon to write a review. There are also public toilets nearby which is incredibly useful. Parking around the playground isn’t easy as it’s a residential area so it is perhaps best to park in a nearby car park and enjoy a short stroll through Castletown before visiting the playground. Please see the map below to see: suggestions of car parks shown in blue (the car parks are disc zones – if you’re not from the Isle of Man and have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to read more about ‘disc zones’); the location of the playground shown in red and the entrance shown in yellow.

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