Tynwald National Park and Arboretum

My mother-in-law suggested we take Millie to feed the ducks and I wasn’t quite prepared for how much I’d love Tynwald National Park and Arboretum, situation in St Johns. The area is more than 25 acres and contains a large amount of different tree species. There’s a shelter and picnic area overlooking St Johns and a large pond with many (hungry) ducks, all waiting to be fed. 

We took the path which is mostly pushchair friendly (beware of all the duck poop) to follow the Gruffalo trail where you look for the characters from the famous Julia Donaldson book (one of Millie’s favourites) and end up in a small wooded area (a short distance away from the path) where you can see a large wooden Gruffalo picture. Millie had a great time hunting for the characters and was thrilled to find the Gruffalo at the end. 

IMG 0133

We continued up the hill and found a lovely, small, enclosed park which we hadn’t realised was there. Millie had a great time on the slide and crawling through the tunnel. It’s a lovely place to bring the children and it’s somewhere we will definitely come back to. 

IMG 0147

IMG 0143

IMG 0142

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