Silverdale Glen, Ballasalla

Silverdale Glen has two car parks: the smaller of the two can hold about ten cars and can be found on Silverdale Road and the larger, newer car park is off the main road south of Ballamodha. Both are signposted and I’ve tried to show the location in the map (very roughly!).

We always park in the newer car park and take the short walk down the path to the play area. The path is accessible with a pram but is bumpy and a little steep (especially on the way back to the car if you’ve got a pram!).

The pictures below show the (recently refurbished – June 2019) play areas – there is so much for children to play on and it seems to suit a variety of ages too.

Silverdale Map
Yellow = Playground | Blue = Car parks | Green = Entrances | Red = Path to playground

Silverdale Glen also has a water-powered roundabout but this seems to be constantly being repaired, however it has been there for a long time so I’ll let them off! There are pedalo boats which you can hire for £5, a large grassy area with picnic benches and wonderful walks alongside the river. Within the smaller car park, you’ll find public toilets (the ladies’ toilets have baby changing facilities but I’m unsure on whether the gents do too) which are really handy. When we went they weren’t clean and there was no toilet roll so perhaps come prepared with a pack of tissues!

Silverdale Glen is also home to Silverdale Cafe & Restaurant which serves ice cream, hot and cold drinks, cakes and food (open daily from April).

Silverdale Glen is a beautiful place to visit, especially on a sunny day. 

Silverdale Glen Playground


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