My Top Ten Baby/Toddler Products

It’s hard to know what to buy for a baby or toddler and most people will buy things that will be used once or simply never used at all. These are the top ten baby or toddler products I bought and used ALL THE TIME for my little ones. I hope it will help you to decide what to buy!

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This booster seat can be attached to any chair and I have used it countless times when I’ve been to cafes/restaurants that either don’t have highchairs or only have a few and they’re all in use. I’ve also used it whilst we’ve been on days out so Millie can join in with the picnic as it is surprisingly sturdy when placed on the ground. 

UPDATE APRIL 2021: This item is no longer available from the SUMMER INFANT but we have linked a similar product.


I used an Ikea highchair insert a lot when Millie was first weaning or if the highchairs were too big for her. The insert provides a little more support for your little one so they don’t keep slipping down. I’ve found it can be used with all sorts of highchairs, not just the Ikea Antilop highchair that it’s designed for.


We ended up bottle-feeding Millie and Pippa and this was an absolute life-saver. It makes sure the milk is served at the perfect temperature and kills any bacteria in the formula, all within two minutes. When the baby is screaming its head off and you’re sleep deprived at 3am, remember to thank me for this one! It’s a little pricier than my other recommendations but my word it is worth the money.


We use this all the time for lots of different sensory or fun activities. Check out my Facebook/Instagram account for lots of ideas for messy play! It’s quite big but we use it as a sand pit on the days I’m not doing something more fun, or as my husband calls it “something ridiculously messy”. You could make it even more fun with some stickers!


Why spend £70+ on a ‘delicious mother’ changing bag when you can spend just over £20 on a great alternative. I changed to a backpack when Millie started asking to walk everywhere and it was so much easier to carry this than a ‘normal’ changing bag. It’s got lots of different pockets and is a perfect size. Plus, it’s big enough for the copious amounts of crap you have to carry for a baby, but it doesn’t look massive on me.


There’s a lot to say about these so it might be easier to read my review. But let’s just say, they’re easier than you think and you’d be saving the environment one wipe at a time! We got used to them very quickly and although there is an initial outlay of money for the kit, it definitely saves money in the long run! This is certainly in my top ten baby and toddler products.


I love ‘360’ cups, which allow you to drink from any point around the edge yet it won’t spill. That is unless your darling child chucks it on the floor, then a little water will come out (not much). It can even be used in bed if you want to provide some water for them during the night! With a massive range, including insulated, infused and large (for big kids), MUNCHKIN is our favourite brand. 


I’ve tried a few different slings/carriers via a local ‘Sling Library’ and ended up settling on an Ergobaby 360. The sling can be used from birth onwards as it comes with a removable insert and the baby can be carried front, back, hip and front outward – hence the name ‘360’. It can be used until the child is about 3 years old so you’ll get plenty of use out of it.


I know there are a lot of similar products out there but we bought Ewan when Millie was a few weeks old and he is still being used today, nearly four years later. Millie soon learnt to turn him on herself and will put on the lullaby song if she wakes in the night in order to help her drift back off to sleep. 

The new version (which I have linked) has an auto function which will turn on if your little one wakes in the night to sooth them gently back to sleep. I love him and Millie adores the fluffy bugger.


I didn’t think we’d use a ‘proper’ nappy bin when we first bought this but it’s been an excellent purchase. Nappies are changed upstairs so this bin has meant we only have to transfer dirty nappies into the wheelie bin every few days and Millie’s room is kept free from any nasty nappy smells. We buy refills for the nappy bin every 2-3 months when we notice we are getting low.

UPDATE APRIL 2021: We’ve had a change of heart with this product since our second. There is a LOT of plastic waste and so we did away with the the liners and just used our lazy legs to walk the nappy downstairs to the bin…

Well, there you have it, my top ten baby or toddler products. I hope it helps choosing what to buy but I’m sure everyone will have their own favourites. I’m always after some life-hacks, so let me know what yours are!



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