Red Mie Farm

When I saw that Red Mie farm in Ballaugh were selling tickets to their popular farm experience, I jumped at the chance and booked tickets for us straight away (and I mean straight away, within minutes of it being posted on Facebook!). 

Red Mie is run by Stuart and Ruth and have offered these bookable farm experiences since Spring 2019. I am kicking myself that I haven’t been before, because it was really fantastic our we had such a fun family day out.


The farm experiences are very hands-on including feeding the animals, stroking and holding some of the animals, collecting and packing eggs (which can then be bought) and getting the chance to ask questions. The experience days from the end of March may even include seeing lambs being born.


Wow, wow, wow! The whole session felt very personal and we enjoyed that the numbers were limited as it made it feel really special. Stuart and Ruth are really friendly, funny and great with the kids which makes the whole experience feel so comfortable and fun. 

Both my husband and I kept saying to each other afterwards how good the whole session was and how much Miss M (4YO) enjoyed it. She enjoyed feeding the animals, watching Daddy hold a huge goose, learning about the animals and having running races with the goats! Days later she was still telling me about the ‘blue chicken eggs’. 

She enjoyed learning about the pregnant Loaghtan sheep (they have a flock of over 100) which have blue spray paint on their bottoms to identify them. I was a little less impressed when she asked why ‘your bottom wasn’t spray painted blue’ when I was pregnant with her little sister…!

When we asked her what her favourite parts were, she just kept listing everything we had done and was very proud of herself for carefully collecting eggs, packing them in a box and adding the label. We bought half a dozen eggs and enjoyed them for dinner that night – from farm to fork in one day. Top tip: take some small change with you – the eggs were £2 per box. 

Red Mie have recently teamed up with Isle of Characters to offer what sounds like a fantastic storytime experience featuring the wonderful Mrs Boot and her yellow ducks. If you’ve read any of the Farmyard Tales then you’ll know how much children love those ducks! Including in the experience is a chance to put the animals to bed, listen to stories and enjoy a warm hot chocolate/milk/vimto and biscuits and tea/coffee for the grown-ups.

They even hold farm experience birthday parties which I think is an amazing idea!


The farm has a portaloo, hand washing station and parking on-site.


Red Mie farm can be found on Bollyn Road, near Ballaugh, just off Orrisdale Road. The map on their Facebook page or via Google maps is very accurate (not always the case on island) so we used that and found it easily. We’ve popped it on the map below for reference in case you want to recce the place before you go!


Red Mie announce on their Facebook page when they have events coming up and you can pre-book here. To ensure all children (and adults) feel fully involved the events are limited to a small group.

If you haven’t yet been, you must take part in one of their experience sessions. You won’t regret it, it’s honestly amazing and we WILL be back!


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