What is Kids on the Rock?

Kids on the Rock is here to help Isle of Man grown-ups find new or different things to do with their little ones. 

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Who are we?

I manage this site with my husband which started as a simple blog to document my café outings with my daughters. It has since organically grown into something more than just a blog and we hope you find something on here to help you. Whether it’s a café or a playground or even a new group to attend, there is lots to explore and find

I’ve also started making peg dolls which are available here

What do we get out of it?

We do all of this for next to nothing, in our own time. I am a teacher and my husband is a financial adviser and we have two kids to try to entertain and keep alive as well. I am usually the one visiting cafes and playgrounds whilst my husband maintains the website and makes it all look good.  We do it because we love it but if things are slightly wrong, please don’t give us a hard time! 

Can I get involved?

If you appreciate what we do, drop us a message and say what you find useful, we can’t tell you enough how much it really helps to know this!

If you are a business or event organiser and would like us to review or promote you, please get in touch via email or Facebook

You can also subscribe to our monthly email here

We are looking for sponsors for the website and so please get in touch if you would be interested in this and we’ll send you some further information regarding different sponsorship packages