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Easter Art Days – Artreach Studios

Easter Art Days – Artreach Studios


8th, 9th & 10th April
to 16:15
or am/pm


Artreach Studios


£69 per day (£195 for all 3)
£34 per session

Please Pre-Book

Ages 5-7
Ages 7-11
Ages 11-14
Ages 5-7
Ages 7-11
Ages 11-14
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Delve into a magical and artistic realm for three days, a day or session! This Easter we celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon and spend a few days creating and crafting from the theme Monsters, Myths and Legends with x3 days of fun filled activity!

Time to dive into fabulous, creative and trending themes all day long!

Fun filled, creative excursions, artistically exploring your child’s inner artist….a masterful collection of fabulous workshops that will surely fill the children with excitement and wonder! We will be storming through a multitude of projects!

Can’t manage a full day? Take a look at our individual workshops for more info!

Take a closer look at our Easter Art programme:

8th April

★ Dragonology: Dream journal, including Dragon’s Eye Amulet & Golden Dragon Egg

Close your eyes and be transported into the magical world of myths and legends! Starting with our very own Dragon inspired mini pocket Journal, worthy of our most secret thoughts, tales of night time adventures, enchanted mantras and affirmations, decorated with the creation of our own hand crafted + decorated lucky talisman, inspired by the ‘Eye of the Dragon’. Imaginations will sour as we create our own secret dragon conjuring spell and craft our enchanting gem encrusted dragon egg.

★ How to train your Dragon Theme: Mixed Media Art

Using quality mixed media paper we will distress we will create artwork that is multi layered and incorporates a fabulous mix of moody backgrounds and dragon inspired artwork that is curious, distressed, altered, fabulous + inspired. We will dabble and play with paint, ink alchemy, printmaking, designing and drawing, whilst also learning various methods of image transfer, we will be guides on an artfully crafted masterpiece, using numerous art techniques!

9th April

★ Celtic Magical animals: Enbarr + Celtic Hare: Mini Canvas

Horses hold a special place in Celtic mythology and there are many examples of where they take on religious significance in Celtic legend. There are few, though, that are as magnificent as the horse known as Enbarr; Described as having a Flowing Mane, this horse is associated with the great Celtic Sea god Manannan Mac Lir.

★ Atlantis: Underwater Worlds

We will imagine and conjure a special hand crafted clay pot + inspired by an underwater magical world – so you will be able to find Atlantis in Artreach Studios!!!

10th April

★ Norse Myths: Doors of Valhalla + Mythical Mask Making

Children will develop their drawing and design skills to generate ideas for their clay sculpture and use etching, stamping and mark making techniques to create the final ceramic artwork.

★ Mythical Mask Making Masquerade

Mythical Beast Mask making workshop for little warriors!

Ready to make incredible sculptural masks? For the Creative Wild Child who loves making in 3D, likes to get messy + paint + and dress up be inspired by mythical beasts + animals + mask making + more! Most kids LOVE to create sculpture and use everything from textiles, cardboard, nature items, feathers + more + which Mythical beast will your child choose – dragon or unicorn?

(+ we are here to accept arrivals from 9am – 4.00pm)

Why Artmaking is soooo good for you!

Great for the soul Art making, as Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, (we know knowledge is fundamental too) it is the key to problem solving and helps boost kids’ social, emotional, creative, physical, linguistic and cognitive development…… and if that wasn’t enough, it’s fun!!!


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WANT TO BOOK INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS? Book the individual events!

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