The Ouch Pouch

by Loop the Loop

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We were contacted recently by Loop the Loop to see if we were interested in testing out some ‘Ouch Pouches’. Our eldest is constantly falling over and banging her head, knee, hand (you name it) and our youngest is not long walking but is also a ‘tumbler’ and takes to pointing at the things she’s just tripped over and blaming that rather than herself… Safe to say, were were more than happy to test them as they would most likely be used daily with our two!

Loop the Loop is a crafting business using all sorts of materials to make all sorts of items from crocheted Pocket Hugs to Wipe Clean Kids Aprons to Baby Blankets. All handmade by Karen, Loop the Loop will entertain anything crafty!

One of the more popular items on offer is the Ouch Pouch. This little hot or cold pack is ideal for soothing kids bumps, bruises, ear aches, toothaches, headaches, tummy aches or to warm them on a cold night.

You can simply pop it in a ziplock bag in your freezer (to prevent ice from forming on it), where it can live until the next bump OR pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds for a nice warm Ouch Pouch instead. Ours smell of lavender and our eldest loves to just hold it close to her face (just normal temperature) to simply smell it!

Karen is happy to take requests for fabric if there is something specific you require or you can choose from the many designs already on offer via

They arrived beautifully packaged with some good instructions and are available in multipacks or individually from

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For all those bumps and bruises, a nicely patterned Ouch Pouch should help to distract your little one and make them feel that little bit better.

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