Isle of Man

Clagh Vane Play Area Ballasalla

Clagh Vane has a small enclosed play area for children up to the age of 6 years with easy parking nearby. I’ve spoken to the commissioners who have said that

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The Cub House
Play Area

The Cub House

To say I was excited that a new soft and sensory play centre was opening in Ballasalla is an understatement. I know people often refer to them as ‘soft play

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Abbey Acorns

LOCATION: Abbey Church Hall, Ballasalla (SOUTH) INFORMATION: Toys and crafts for babies and toddlers PRICE: £1 #DROP IN SESSION #UNDER £5 #GENERAL PLAY #CRAFTS #BABY #TODDLER

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Singing Jo & Co

No booking required! LOCATION: Ballasalla Primary School, Ballasalla (SOUTH) – Main entrance INFORMATION: Singing, dancing, musical instruments and drama from birth to five years old. Includes snack for the children

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Activity / Idea

Silverdale Glen, Ballasalla

Silverdale Glen has two car parks: the smaller of the two can hold about ten cars and can be found on Silverdale Road and the larger, newer car park is

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